'What makes a good cycle route?'

Roadwork signs block the painted cycle lane at a set of temporary traffic lights on a wide road. A smaller red sign above a larger red sign advising the traffic to stop when the light shows red says: 'cyclists's dismount and find an alternative route'.

The Ranty Highwayman

The Ranty Highwayman's blog has gained legendary status among the self-confessed 'kerb nerds'. Known for his plain speaking and clear consistent approach to cycle infrastructure, Mark Philpotts (@RantyHighwayman), will share his views on how cycling conditions can be improved.

Are you a budding engineer, or urban planner? Or someone that would simply like to understand how decisions are made about cycle infrastructure, and what constitutes 'good' and 'bad' design?

'Active travel' is seeing increased investment at a national and local level. So now is the time to get cycle infrastructure design right, and encourage more people to start cycling, more often, and more safely.

TUESDAY 18th May

Free to attend. Open to all.

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