Mapping: A Force for Change

Neil Guthrie & Martin Lucas-smith

This online talk forms part of the Celebration of Cycling - 5 weeks of events from 28th August-4th October 2021 - inspiring more people to cycle for fun, health, and everyday journeys.

Neil Guthrie, designer of the Gold Standard Cycle Map for Central London.

Martin Lucas Smith, webmaster and manager the of Cycle.Streets, is developing a way to create maps of modal filters (barriers) and -- consequently -- Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs).

Cyclox part-funded the Oxford Cycle Map, created by Oxford resident and Director of Transport Paradise, Richard Mann. The map details main cycle routes, areas where you are required to dismount, road surfaces, as well as marking out routes that are generally busy and quiet. Cycle barriers, local bike shops and and cycle racks are also noted.

TUESDAY 21st September

Free to attend. Open to all.

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