The future of travel in Oxford

John Disley, Head of Transport Policy, Oxfordshire County Council

Oxfordshire County Council has started consulting on a plan that will transform the way people travel in the city and surrounding villages.

This plan is called the Central Oxfordshire Travel Plan (COTP) and it is part of the wider Local Transport and Connectivity Plan (LTCP) that was approved earlier this year. The Central Oxfordshire Travel Plan sets out a number of positive actions that will bring us closer to our vision for Oxford’s future: a world class cycling city, where everyone can choose to cycle, and where cycling is a normal form of transport.

There are proposals to reduce car journeys, develop a comprehensive and inclusive cycle network, and achieve Vision Zero (the elimination of road fatalities and life-changing injuries) by improving junctions for people cycling and walking.

The Central Oxfordshire Travel Plan is the next step in Oxford's steady evolution to a low carbon, liveable city where active travel is enjoyable and efficient. Fitting all the pieces of the jigsaw together is tricky, with the constraints of government funding and external events such as rising fuel costs and new housing adding to the dynamic.

We are in favour of reducing motor traffic as part of making it safer for people to cycle, but we recognise there are lots of concerns from people who need to drive for work and essential journeys. We are aiming to have an informed discussion on the issues.

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