Improving local infrastructure

Responding to local consultations forms a key part of our campaign work.

To get more people cycling, more often, and more safely, it is vital that plans in Oxford city and the surrounding areas take cycling provision into account. 

New local Travel Plan heralds radical change

Our statement on the Oxfordshire Central Oxfordshire Travel Plan

The Plan envisions Oxford as a city where transport is no longer dominated by the use of private cars, but a city where

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Cyclists riding along lane segregated from cars by posts

Cycling along Oxford’s Quickways

By Alison Hill

On Friday 12 August Morrell Avenue became a Quickway. Overnight, double yellow lines were painted on both sides of the road, removing on-road car parking, and a cycle lane

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Cycling is at the heart of Oxford’s future

By Alison Hill

An open letter from the Chair of Cyclox to the new city councillors elected on Thursday 5 May 2022

The stronger our collective voice, the greater our impact. 

Our team of volunteers – experts in cycling infrastructure, street architecture and urban design – spend over 200 hours each year ensuring that cycling is placed on the agenda. We respond to consultations issued by Oxfordshire County Council Highways Authority, City Council planning applications, residential and commercial development proposals, and proposals on local and national policy.

We aim to provide an authoritative challenge to proposals and suggest workable solutions. 

Our expert contributions have the most impact when we are involved at the early planning stages. We build relationships with decision-makers to influence schemes early in their development and pursue methods of co-production.

Our responses focus on the provision of safe, accessible, and inclusive cycling.

Anyone from the age of 8 to 80+ using standard, non-standard and adapted cycles, tandems, as well as child and cargo trailers, should feel confident that they can cycle. We draw on best practice, local standards and guidance, and national policy, to guide our responses.

Our process:

  • We meet every two-weeks to review the latest consultations and infrastructure proposals.  
  • Each response is led by a member of the team.
  • Where feasible and necessary, our active travel partners (such as, the Coalition for Healthy Streets and Active Travel, Cycling UK local representatives, Oxford Civic Society and the Oxfordshire Cycling Network) are consulted. 
  • Our preliminary responses are often shared with Cyclox members residing, or working, near the proposed site for development or improvement. 
  • Our responses take into account Cyclox members’ comments.