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‘Street Voice’ Citizens’ Jury

Dr Alison Chisholm, Dr Juliet Carpenter and Robert Weavers

Tuesday 18th October, 7.30-8.30pm

Online Zoom

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Woodstock Car Share Open Evening at the Blenheim Estate Office

Car sharing for a better city

By Emily Kerr

A year ago, I set up a car-sharing scheme in my neighbourhood in East Oxford. Neighbours make their cars available to other verified local drivers via an app called Hiyacar, which sorts out the insurance and booking. The sharers who provide the cars get a fee for

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Ghost bike at Oxford Parkway marks the death of a young woman cyclist

No more cycle deaths in Oxford

By Alison Hill

One year has passed since the death of cyclist Jenny Wong at the junction of Headley Way and London Road. It is six months since Ellen Moilanen died at Oxford Parkway and Ling Felce at the Plain. All young women on their bikes, all in collision with heavy goods vehicles turning

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What is Vision Zero?

Vision Zero is a strategy to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries, while increasing safe, healthy, equitable mobility for

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Broad Street Oxford with car park coned off

A car-free Broad street at last

By Jonny Ives

This feels like a radical moment in a city built for so many centuries in the interests and images of wealth and royalty. Broad Street is losing its car

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Will the proposed traffic filters be good for cyclists?

By Alison Hill and Robin Tucker

Traffic blights our beautiful city of Oxford. And it’s getting worse, with traffic rising year by year (only interrupted by Covid). Doing nothing is not an option, that just means more traffic, more congestion, more pollution, and more climate and health problems for future

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Respond to key Oxford transport consultations

Amplify our collective voice and respond to the Central Oxfordshire Travel Plan and the proposal to implement six trial traffic filters on key routes across Oxford

These public consultations will close on Thursday 13th

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School Streets signs closing road to traffic with mother and child cycling

School Streets transform the school run

By Jamie Clarke

As the school year begins, the school-run traffic chaos will be missing from five Oxfordshire schools and nurseries. These schools have pioneered School Streets schemes for the county. Their pupils will avoid the usual traffic dangers, pollution and congestion. Instead they will be walking, cycling and scooting to and from their schools each

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The future of travel in Oxford

John Disley, Head of Transport Policy

Tuesday 20th September, 7.30-8.30pm

Online Zoom

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New local Travel Plan heralds radical change

Our statement on the Oxfordshire Central Oxfordshire Travel Plan

The Plan envisions Oxford as a city where transport is no longer dominated by the use of private cars, but a city where people can choose to travel conveniently by public transport and feel safe to cycle and walk. This will create a better, more liveable city, while simultaneously addressing the climate emergency and improving the health of Oxford’s residents and

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Girl and boy posing on bikes on river bank

Sanctuary Wheels stories

By Kathryn McNicoll

Sanctuary Wheels, a project coordinated by Cyclox in partnership with Asylum Welcome and Active Oxfordshire, has been helping refugees throughout the county to gain independence and freedom. The project provides free bikes for all refugees. However, in the past few months the biggest influx, not surprisingly, has been Ukrainians. Here are two of their stories, told by the families supporting

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Cyclists riding along lane segregated from cars by posts

Cycling along Oxford’s Quickways

By Alison Hill

On Friday 12 August Morrell Avenue became a Quickway. Overnight, double yellow lines were painted on both sides of the road, removing on-road car parking, and a cycle lane has been painted on the uphill side of the road. Whereas in the past you had to weave your way round parked cars and take care to avoid colliding with vehicles sharing the narrow carriageway, it has instantly become much more pleasant to ride up and down this

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