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Male and female cyclist at highest point on their route, with hillside backdrop

Cycling the length of Britain

By Andy Chivers and Alison Hill

In June we achieved a long-held ambition and cycled from Land’s End to John O’Groats – a distance of 1,030 miles (1,658 km) over 18 days, carrying our

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Two cyclists ahead of two horse riders on a country road in summer

What to do if you meet a horse rider

By John Magrath

What should you do if you meet a horse rider while out cycling? A couple of years ago I highlighted a very good educational campaign about this from Cycling UK and the

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woman's bike with e-assist standing in house

An e-bike can take you places

By Nick Thorn

In the four years I have had it, my Cube e-bike has taken most of the burden of transporting me and my belongings around the city (and sometimes to meetings up to 25 miles

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Headshot of Cllr Dan Levy, middle-aged white man wearing glasses and smiling

Championing active travel

By Cllr Dan Levy

Why do we need an active travel champion? What do I do as champion? What are my ambitions are in this role? Although the champion role has no formal powers, I hope I can

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Three bikes belonging to dinner ladies parked outside the school where they work

Commuting: from car-share to e-bike

By Emily Kerr

Tiffany and Dawn are dinner ladies at a central Oxford primary school. Until this term, they shared a car to travel to work, along with another friend, commuting in to the

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Woman wearing cycle helmet posing in frnt of wall holding her Raleigh bike

Me and my bike: Jennifer Simmons

By Kathryn McNicoll

How long have you had your bike? Perhaps 5 years? 10? Well, Jennifer has had her bike for 31 years.
Group of eight women cyclists meeting in Oxfam Superstore. Mix of ages and ethnicities

Your cycling journey with JoyRiders

By Annette Pattinson

This May, JoyRiders Oxford celebrated its first year running free, women-only group cycle rides led by trained female volunteers. In that year, we ran 33 rides in and

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Bikes donated to Sanctuary Wheels piled up at donation point

Bikes for refugees: Sanctuary Wheels

By Kathryn McNicoll

When the pandemic hit in 2020, Cyclox started refurbishing donated bikes to hand out to key workers. This year we were asked by Asylum Welcome if we could do something

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Bike used by surgeon to cycle to work, showing panniers

Cycle to work and get there on time!

By Jen Graystone

In 2011 I moved to Oxford to start a new job at the John Radcliffe Hospital (JR) as a consultant surgeon. As a surgeon, I work odd hours, sometimes finishing operations

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Women cycling down Catte Street in Oxford. One black woman. One woman on longtail bike with two small children on the back

Safer streets for active women and girls

By Matt Roebuck

Next weekend, on 11 June, one of the world's most prestigious cycling events, The Women’s Tour, comes to Oxfordshire. According to its organisers, it brings with it a

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Row of parked cargo bikes of different brands: Douze, Bakfiets

Cargo bikes delivering change in Headington

By Jonny Ives

In the past 12 months cargo bikes have become a common sight across Oxford. Jonny Ives went up the hill to Headington to find out what lies beneath the growth of the
Group of people in a car-sharing pool with a shared car. Adults, children, older people

Sharing cars can benefit us all

By Emily Kerr

Cars can be convenient. But private car ownership is expensive (c. £4k a year in the UK). Cars cause congestion, take up space on the streets, and threaten the safety of

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