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A Christmas list for Oxford’s cycle riders

By Alison Hill

If you get out on your bike on Christmas day, you will experience what it is like to cycle on virtually traffic-free roads, similar to what we experienced during lockdown

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Making the most of lockdown with friendly bike rides

By Jane Carlton SmithIsis Cyclists was founded in Oxford over 12 years ago, giving women an opportunity to get out on their bikes without feeling that they have to dress in sporty clothes,

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A Google Map showing the recommended way to drive to Kennington from Cheney School in Headington is via Divinity Road.

High Traffic Neighbourhoods

By Richard Fairhurst

A High Traffic Neighbourhood is one where drivers are directed off the A and B roads, and down small residential roads instead, to save a few seconds off their

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Visualisation of Iffley Road with segregated cycle lanes designed by Andy Coram

Are Oxford’s roads dangerous?

By Roger Symonds

According to figures from the national road traffic accident database (reported recently in the Times), over the past 3 years the "top ten” roads in the country, outside

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Dawson Street traffic filter courtesy Oxfordshire Liveable Streets

£3 million to get more people cycling and walking in Oxfordshire

By Alison Hill and Robin Tucker

Earlier this year the cycling community in Oxfordshire were dismayed when Oxfordshire County Council lost half of a government grant that aimed to help

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Another tragic death of a cycle rider

By Alison Hill

Last week, a 35-year-old woman riding a bike on Horspath Driftway was killed in a collision with a bin lorry.

Bike lights

By Alison Hill If ‘ere you ride without a light, Keep at your fingertips at night The name of someone else afar To tell the bobby who you are.  Now the evenings have drawn in and are dark, wet

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Top tips for approaching junctions on a bike

By Jack Vaughan

‘Cycle-friendly cities are not exempt from crashes’ warned The Times in an article published in August. In an analysis of the most dangerous commuter routes for cyclists

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Why cyclists don’t always use the cycle lane

By Hazel Dawe

Car drivers are often annoyed when they see people not using a cycle lane. Yet there are many good reasons why people might choose to cycle on the road rather than in the

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The 15-minute City

By Jonny Ives

How far can you walk in fifteen minutes? How far from home could you be if you hopped on a bike and pedalled for a quarter of an hour? If you drew these two 15-minute

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Pavement parking – why do we tolerate it?

By Alison Hill

If you have been out for a cycle or a walk today in the city, I can bet that you will have passed a vehicle parked on a pavement. As it is such a commonplace occurrence

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Maps are fun!

By Andy Chivers

Maps are fun, maps are educational, maps tell the truth, maps are beautiful. You can probably tell that I am a map enthusiast... Maps have changed out of all recognition

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