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Tag-along bike being ridden by woman with one child on the back and one on the tag-along

Bike-buyers’ guide to non-standard cycles

By Emily Kerr

Cargo? Long-tail? Tag-along? Which should I buy? This article explains the difference between some different types of city cycle we see on Oxford’s streets.
Local traffic neighbourhood with planter and bollard closing off residential street to cars

Show your support for the Central Oxfordshire Travel Plan

By Alison Hill

On 29 November the Oxfordshire County Council Cabinet is meeting to make decisions on two radical traffic proposals: the Central Oxfordshire Travel Plan and, as a core

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20 mph sign painted n road

Save lives in Oxford with 20 mph

By Alison Hill

20 mph saves lives. The likelihood of severe or fatal injury to a pedestrian struck by a driver is 17% at 20 mph, 30% at 25 mph and 47% at 30 mph. There are 7–10 times fewer

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Pedal and post bike next to delivery van

Oxford’s 70-year battle with traffic jams

By Robin Tucker

Just before the Covid pandemic, cycles brought 20% of peak-hour travellers into Oxford city centre. This was the same number as cars, but taking less road space. Buses were

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Park Town Gardener Vasko Raine with his cargo bike

Businesses big and small switch to cargo bikes

By Emily Kerr

Last month, Amazon announced a £300 m investment in the UK: electrifying its vans and shifting more cities to cargo-bike deliveries. Oxford now has three medium-sized

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Boy in wheelchair on trailer towed by cargo bike, Broad Street Oxford

Transporting a wheelchair by bike

By Damian Haywood

We found that because I cycle to work, and my profoundly disabled son Matias uses home-to-school transport, our usual transport, an adapted van, was sitting on the drive

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Alison Hill riding Brompton bike along residential street

I love my Brompton bicycle

By Alison Hill

I own a Brompton bike. It is a remarkable piece of engineering. Perfecting the design took years of tireless dedication. Not only is it the most compact of fold-up bikes but

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Cyclist in red waterproof with hood up and helmet over the hood

Safe, legal and comfortable: how to cycle in winter

By Andy Chivers

Every autumn the shorter cooler days come as a bit of a surprise. After months of riding with little thought about bad weather I am now looking for my waterproofs and

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Woodstock Car Share Open Evening at the Blenheim Estate Office

Car sharing for a better city

By Emily Kerr

A year ago, I set up a car-sharing scheme in my neighbourhood in East Oxford. Neighbours make their cars available to other verified local drivers via an app called Hiyacar,

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Ghost bike at Oxford Parkway marks the death of a young woman cyclist

No more cycle deaths in Oxford

By Alison Hill

One year has passed since the death of cyclist Jenny Wong at the junction of Headley Way and London Road. It is six months since Ellen Moilanen died at Oxford Parkway and

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Broad Street Oxford with car park coned off

A car-free Broad Street at last

By Jonny Ives

This feels like a radical moment in a city built for so many centuries in the interests and images of wealth and royalty. Broad Street is losing its car park.

Will the proposed traffic filters be good for cyclists?

By Alison Hill and Robin Tucker

Traffic blights our beautiful city of Oxford. And it’s getting worse, with traffic rising year by year (only interrupted by Covid). Doing nothing is not an

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