On Yer Bike

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ON YER BIKE: 200th bike for keyworkers is handed out

As we approach the 200th bike to be handed out to keyworkers across Oxford, writes Kathryn McNicoll, it is perhaps a good time to reflect on the extraordinary success of this project.

Why we support bus gates

By Alison Hill

Last summer (how long ago that now seems) our two councils published “Connecting Oxford”, proposing radical changes to the city transport. It included bus gates, better

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Deliveries by cargo bike

By Alison Hill

During the pandemic we all witnessed the extraordinary and eery sight of the streets of Oxford empty of motor traffic, and sadly empty of people walking and cycling. Think

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Low Traffic Neighbourhoods are simple

By Danny Yee

There is nothing at all complicated about low traffic neighbourhoods, even if urban planners turn them into acronyms (LTNs) and introduce jargon (such as ‘modal filter’).

Going solo while we wait to see what happens

By Craig Willis

Back in January, I joined a cycling club. I've never been a member of a cycling club before so I was very excited by the prospect of meeting new people, having

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Oxfordshire County Council needs to be bold and ambitious

By Alison Hill

In order to get more people cycling and walking once lockdown eases, the Government created an Emergency Active Travel fund that councils with responsibilities for

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Celebrating the arrival of 500th Cyclox member

By Alison Hill

When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down

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Things to bear in mind when choosing a new bicycle

By Roger Symonds

We have speculated in previous columns about what will happen to people who have started riding bikes during this pandemic. A YouGov survey has found that a majority

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Cycling without barriers

By Paul Brivio, Chief Executive of Active Oxfordshire

As we seek to find new ways of travelling while effectively socially distancing, access to a bicycle becomes a real issue of inequality.

This year it’s Bike Week with a difference

By Andy Chivers

This week is Bike Week and I find myself reflecting on the ironic contrast with previous Bike Weeks since we can’t organise rides, but many more people are out there

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Cycling under lockdown: Bicester bike users

By Matt Reid and Jenny Ward

Bicester Bike User Group share the experiences of teaching a 4 year old to ride a bike, and re-gaining the confidence to cycle again.

3 Simple Steps to Promote Active Travel

By Mark Utting

The government’s recent promotion of ‘active travel’ is fantastic news and the announcement of £2bn of funding could stretch a long way if allocated wisely.