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ON YER BIKE: What will get more women to start cycling in Oxfordshire?

Column by Alison Hill

On Yer Bike Column – ‘why on earth do people hate cyclists’?

By Kath Cochrane

On Yer Bike column – ‘Why do drivers think it’s OK to park on pavements?’

ON YER BIKE - By Andy Chivers

COLUMN: On Yer Bike – Cyclists in Oxford are being failed by politicians

ALTHOUGH lots of cycling organisations will extol the possibilities, albeit with caution, of continuing to cycle in the snow, for me ice days and snow days are not bike days.

COLUMN: ‘Don’t forget to buy your bike a present this Christmas’

By Andy Chivers

ON YER BIKE: Are you thinking of getting someone a cycle this Christmas?

ARE you thinking of getting someone a bike this Christmas? Then there are a few questions you need to ask.

COLUMN – Why it’s a big day for cycling in Oxfordshire

TODAY Tuesday 6th November should be a red-letter day for cycling in Oxford and Oxfordshire. Two motions are being discussed at Oxfordshire County Council’s full council, both of which are about

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COLUMN: Imagining a future where cars are on video games and not our roads

By Andy Chivers

COLUMN – ‘Oxford needs a Cycling Czar – and 10 things they need to do’

Oxfordshire’s residents packed out the town hall on 2nd October to hear Andrew Gilligan’s talk “Roads are for People”. The talk was a rallying cry for real change to how we organise transport in

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COLUMN: On Yer Bike – ‘Taking cars on short journeys is just plain daft’

A journey of a thousand miles may once have started with a single step but these days it is far more likely to start with a search for the car keys.

COLUMN – ‘Don’t deny children the joy of riding a bike’

There can be few things more pleasing to witness than a child’s first ride on a bike, free of stabilisers or parental hand.

COLUMN: On Yer Bike – return of the school run, but there aren’t enough children cycling

It is back to school time, uniforms unearthed, children dragged back into a semblance of a daily routine, and (somewhat) relieved parents heading back to work.