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Resources for cycling and campaigning on a local and national level.

Be Nice, Say Hi! What to do near horses

By John Magrath

Now that so many more of us are getting out and about on our bikes, it feels like a very good time to revive some excellent advice from Cycling UK about what to do when we encounter horse riders.

How to overtake a person on a bike

By Andy chivers

But there is one vehicle that all drivers will overtake sooner or later: a bicycle. It is an offence to pass a cyclist with less than 1.5m gap (also known as a ‘close pass’).

How to prevent your bike being stolen

By Becci Curtis

Roads have steadily got busier since the end of May, but the return of motorised traffic has not halted the increasing popularity of cycling. Bike shops have struggled to keep up with demand, but as the number of bikes sold (or put back into use) grows, unfortunately,

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Oxford Cycle Map

Created by Oxford resident and Director of Transport Paradise, Richard Mann, the Oxford Cycle Map is extremely useful for getting around. The map details main cycle routes, areas where you are required to dismount, road surfaces, as well as marking out routes that are generally busy and quiet.

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Top tips for approaching junctions on a bike

By Jack Vaughan

‘Cycle-friendly cities are not exempt from crashes’ warned The Times in an article published in August. In an analysis of the most dangerous commuter routes for cyclists in Britain earlier this year, Oxford (alongside Cambridge) enjoyed the unenviable position of topping

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Welcome changes to The Highway Code

By Andy Chivers

The Highway Code changes on Saturday 29th January. These changes are going to affect everyone because they include a new 'hierarchy of road users’ (H1, H2, H3). The hierarchy states that road users with the greatest risk of causing harm to others, hold the greatest level

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What to say to people idling their engines

By Emily Kerr

Engine idling consumes around 1.6% of our total fuel. It’s a significant contributor to air pollution, and it’s illegal in the UK. An RAC survey in 2019 found 26% of people have noticed engines idling outside schools, and 72% of drivers think councils should enforce it

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Your cycling rights and responsibilities

As we all navigate Oxford’s very congested streets during rush hour and experience these frustrations, we feel there is an opportunity for everyone to be more considerate of each other. This initiative is designed to remind cyclists of their right to be on the road, as well as their responsibilities.