Our Campaigns

Our campaigns support our two strategic objectives of attractive and healthy streets enjoyed by all, and safe connected cycle networks.  Cyclox has a sub-committee dedicated to each of these:

Attractive and healthy streets enjoyed by all
(Subcommittee chaired by Andy Chivers)
Campaign areas may include:
* School streets, low traffic schemes around school
* Car free days in neighbourhoods
* Air quality
* Parking on pavements and cycle lanes

Safe connected cycle networks
(Subcommittee chaired by Ian Callaghan)
Campaign areas may include:
* Consultations:  influencing development plans and responding to consultations, and developing a consultation tool kit
* Traffic control points:  campaigning on traffic control points as set out in LTP4
* City Centre:  adopting the Phil Jones Associate proposal for city centre movement
* Volunteering:  scheme for siding out and clearing paths

Underpinning activities to support these include:
* Engagement:  engaging, collaborating with decision makers, and working with partners
* Membership:  broadening our appeal and growing our membership
* Communications:  communicating to inform, raise awareness, and support change
* Champions:  building and supporting the Champion group and maximising their impact
* Claudia Charter / Call to Pedal Action:  implementing the Claudia Charter action points
* Developing metrics: what would help with hearts and minds