Take action!

Passionate about cycling in Oxford?  Fed up of poor infrastructure?  Keen to improve your local area?  Short of time but full of ideas?

Whatever your situation, there are lots of ways you can help improve cycling in Oxford.

  • Join us!  Cyclox is a membership organisation, and it’s quick and easy to join online – if you can do nothing else, please join us today.  We need your modest annual subscription to fund our campaigns and pay a part-time coordinator, and to give us the legitimacy of a strong membership base.  You also get good discounts at most Oxford bike shops, and an excellent monthly newsletter.
  • Like us!  We are very active on social media, with well over 1,000 likes / followers, so please do like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.  Even better, please share our posts, write supportive comments, and suggest relevant new material – it all helps!
  • Support our campaigns:  As well as social media, we need local people to read and respond to consultations – please respond individually to any consultations such as from county council; and if possible please link with our committee to share your knowledge and help us coordinate a Cyclox response.
  • Contact your councillor:  It’s quick and easy to find and email your local councillor – just pop your postcode into the WriteToThem website.  Even better, go and chat to them face to face at their surgery – councillors tell us that they really do have to listen to what their constituents tell them is important…
  • Come to our events:  We arrange a wide-range of informative events throughout the year, all free to attend – please come, bring your friends – or even volunteer to help out – please contact Andy (events@cyclox.org)
  • Help with stalls:  If you have a little time to offer, we would love your help with spreading the word at our occasional stalls – please contact Kathryn (stalls@cyclox.org).
  • Become a champion:  Our champions form an crucial link between Cyclox, residents and councillors for each ward.  To find out more or become a champion, please contact Becci (coordinator@cyclox.org)
  • Involve work colleagues:  Cyclox can offer corporate membership or come and talk to your workplace bike user group – please contact Steve (membership@cyclox.org)
  • Volunteer for the committee:  Our volunteer committee meet every month, and are elected at our annual general meeting every November – please contact Becci (coordinator@cyclox.org)
  • Share your skills:  Whatever you do, we’re sure you will have something to offer which will help – please contact Becci (coordinator@cyclox.org)