About us

Cyclox is the voice of cycling in Oxford.  We aim for a healthier and safer city for all.

Our strategic aim:

More people in and around Oxford cycling, more often, and more safely.

Our two strategic objectives:

  • Attractive and healthy streets, enjoyed by all
  • Safe connected cycle networks

These will be underpinned by the following activities:

  • Engaging, collaborating with decision makers, and working with partners
  • Broadening our appeal and growing our membership
  • Communicating to inform, raise awareness, and support change
  • Building and supporting the Champion group and maximising their impact
  • Implementing the Claudia Charter action points
  • Developing metrics: what would help with hearts and minds

Our Vision‘Cycletopia’ is our vision for cycling in Oxford, supported by a detailed evidence-base document.  We also have a formal Constitution.

We are a membership organisation – please join us.  We now have over 400 members, but we need more!  We are, of course, very careful with members’ personal data, including a revised privacy statement.

Our committee are all volunteers who live or work in Oxford, supported by one part-time coordinator.  They meet every month, either as a full committee or in sub-committees.  We are always looking for enthusiastic new members – if you are interested, please put your name forward at our annual general meeting every November.

Our champions are also enthusiastic volunteers, who form a crucial link between Cyclox, residents and councillors for each electoral ward.  If you want to act for better conditions for cycling in your local area – please consider becoming a Cyclox Champion.