Welcome to Cyclox

Why We Cycle (2017)Cyclox is the voice of cycling in Oxford.  Join us.

2019 Events:  free, all welcome!
* 21st February: Why We Cycle – free film screening!  7.00pm, Oxford Brookes
* 19th March: Duncan Dollimore,Cycling UK – working with cycle campaigns.  7.30pm, St Michael at the North Gate
* 16th April: Patrick Lingwood, Walking and cycling plans… into action!  7.30pm, St Michael at the North Gate


Flood Alleviation Plans: Respond to the consultation – ask for a cycle path on the route
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Rally and safer cycling petition,
 over 1,700 signed the petition
2018  Cycling Short Film Competition winners announced here!
The Claudia Charter for safer cycling in Oxford has now been launched!
Rights and Responsibilities:  backed by all key public bodies in Oxfordshire!
‘Shifting Gear’presentations from the conference we hosted last November
Consultations:  our open letter asking for 24 hour cycling in Queen Street
Latest newsletterSeptember 2018 Cyclox Circular

Our Vision:  ‘Cycletopia’ our vision for cycling in Oxford, supported by a detailed evidence-base document.  We also have a formal Constitution.

2018 priorities:  our 6 priorities are funding, protected routes, road repairs, bike parkingimage of cycling, and planning consultations, supported by 4 cross-cutting themes of position statements, political influence, ‘champions‘, and communications.

We are grateful to Freeths for their ongoing support.