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eva-heinenCyclox is the voice of cycling in Oxford.  Join us.

Claudia Comberti:  A message of sympathy and tribute

Next event: Tuesday 18th July, ‘Why, where and how people travel’ with Dr Eva Heinen, transport research scientist at Leeds University.

Short Film Competition:  now open, great prizes, deadline 15th September
Rights and Responsibilities:  backed by all key public bodies in Oxfordshire!
Road repairs:  read the report on our Tour de Potholes campaign
Consultations:  read our open letter asking for 24 hour cycling in Queen Street
Latest newsletterMarch 2017 Cyclox Circular

Our Vision:  ‘Cycletopia’ our vision for cycling in Oxford, supported by a detailed evidence-based document.  We also have a formal Constitution.

2017 priorities:  our 6 priorities are funding, protected routes, road repairs, bike parkingimage of cycling, and planning consultations, supported by 4 cross-cutting themes of position statements, political influence, ‘champions‘, and communications.