Cycling maps

Planning your journey around the city makes cycling easier and more enjoyable. These two maps can both help you find routes that are safer for cyclists. And they can be used on your phone.

Screenshot of part of Oxford Cycling Map, a Google Map showing safe routes for cyclists in different colours

Google cycle map

This interactive map came out of conversations with children and older cyclists. It shows routes that are car-free, protected or low-traffic, and walking-only.

You can use it to work out safe cycling routes to key places in the city, such as schools and hospitals.

It was developed by local cycling enthusiasts including Tom Green, Emily Kerr, Hannah Kirby and Danny Yee. 

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Oxford cycle map

This map was created by Oxford resident and Director of Transport Paradise, Richard Mann. It is based on OpenStreetMap.

The map shows routes suitable for different types of cyclist and indicates how busy they are, how safe they are and whether you have to to dismount.

Cycle barriers, bike shops and and cycle parking are also marked.

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