Enough is Enough! 

By Alison Hill

Any death on our city’s roads is one too many. Every death, every serious injury, every incident in which someone is put at risk, or frightened, is the result of decisions made in the design of our roads and priorities

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200th bike for keyworkers is handed out

By Kathryn McNicoll

As we approach the 200th bike to be handed out to keyworkers across Oxford it is perhaps a good time to reflect on the extraordinary success of this project.

Two Oxford City cycle paths are now on Google Street View

By Andy Chivers

Ignoring the harmful exhaust emissions for a moment, the car is a remarkable invention, combining freedom and security, effectively providing you with a house on wheels. But it is limited in one respect – it only runs

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Like riding a bike

Co-creating a cycling environment for 9s to 90s

Final conference report and action points

Your cycling rights and responsibilities

As we all navigate Oxford’s very congested streets during rush hour and experience these frustrations, we feel there is an opportunity for everyone to be more considerate of each other. This initiative is designed to remind cyclists of their

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‘Cyclists riding irresponsibly’

Members of Oxford's Coalition for Healthy Streets and Active Travel (CoHSAT) have submitted a complaint regarding the disproportionate focus on the negative behaviour of cyclists above the problems posed by any other form of transport.

Vote Bike!

With some help from our friends at Oxfordshire Cycling Network and Bicester Bike Users Group, we put forward 5 key questions to all Oxfordshire parliamentary candidates ahead of the 2019 general election.