Month: December 2019

Changing travel habits

By Andy Chivers

I met up with a friend who lives in south Devon. He drives 8 miles each way to work and is leaving earlier and earlier because of traffic congestion and difficulty finding a parking place. To a pedal head like me the answer seemed obvious, but when we talked about e-bikes he said, ‘Isn’t that cheating?’

Cyclox’s Christmas list

By Alison Hill

If you are a reader of this blog, presumably bike stuff was on your Christmas list. Like the Christmas turkeys your bike needs some extra trimmings, and you will have made your request to Santa for those essential accessories that every bike needs.

‘Cyclists riding irresponsibly’

Members of Oxford’s Coalition for Healthy Streets and Active Travel (CoHSAT) have submitted a complaint regarding the disproportionate focus on the negative behaviour of cyclists above the problems posed by any other form of transport.

Smart bike lights

By Graham Stanley

See.Sense has offered 300 smart bike lights at a reduced cost of £15 on a first come first serve basis.

Vote Bike!

With some help from our friends at Oxfordshire Cycling Network and Bicester Bike Users Group, we put forward 5 key questions to all Oxfordshire parliamentary candidates ahead of the 2019 general election.