Month: September 2020

Maps are fun!

By Andy Chivers

Maps are fun, maps are educational, maps tell the truth, maps are beautiful. You can probably tell that I am a map enthusiast… Maps have changed out of all recognition now that our phones can tell us where we are, and how to get to anywhere else.

Back in the saddle

By Leandra Cardoso

The Bikes for Key Workers project launched at the end of April 2020 and has succeeded in giving bikes to over 200 local NHS and social care key workers. Leandra Cardoso tells us about her experience of receiving a bike through the project and how it has changed her journey to work.

How to prevent your bike being stolen

By Becci Curtis

Roads have steadily got busier since the end of May, but the return of motorised traffic has not halted the increasing popularity of cycling. Bike shops have struggled to keep up with demand, but as the number of bikes sold (or put back into use) grows, unfortunately, so does the number of bikes being stolen. However, bike theft is not inevitable and there are some things you can do to help keep your bike secure.

Hills, headwinds, and rain…things to prepare for

By Andy Chivers

Articles about cycling are typically illustrated by happy people pedalling on the flat in warm sunshine. As recent weeks have reminded us, the weather is not always like that.

Cycling for all in the county, says Active Oxfordshire

By Josh Lenthall

Last month the Department of Transport published Gear Change, a national strategy that seeks to make England “a great walking and cycling nation”.