Month: October 2022

Transporting a wheelchair by bike

By Damian Haywood

We found that because I cycle to work, and my profoundly disabled son Matias uses home-to-school transport, our usual transport, an adapted van, was sitting on the drive at least five days a week and rarely used at the weekend. We therefore made a decision: let’s give it up, get an alternative and see if it works.

I love my Brompton bicycle

By Alison Hill

I own a Brompton bike. It is a remarkable piece of engineering. Perfecting the design took years of tireless dedication. Not only is it the most compact of fold-up bikes but it also has good gearing. This makes it easy to ride, which is why it deserves its iconic status amongst cycle riders, and why you see them all over Oxford.

Safe, legal and comfortable: how to cycle in winter

By Andy Chivers

Every autumn the shorter cooler days come as a bit of a surprise. After months of riding with little thought about bad weather I am now looking for my waterproofs and thinking about my lights. What are the essentials for legal, safe, enjoyable bike riding this winter?

Car sharing for a better city

By Emily Kerr

A year ago, I set up a car-sharing scheme in my neighbourhood in East Oxford. Neighbours make their cars available to other verified local drivers via an app called Hiyacar, which sorts out the insurance and booking. The sharers who provide the cars get a fee for doing so.