Month: February 2023

The problem of pavement parking

By Andy Chivers

Here’s a game to play as you make any journey through town. Score 1 point for every car (or van or lorry) parked correctly. Then take off 1 point each time they are parked on the pavement. I score –2 if the vehicle has all four wheels on the pavement or if the pavement is so obstructed it will stop a child’s buggy or a wheelchair getting through. See if your journey ends up with a positive or negative score. Sadly my journeys tend to end in the negative.

Active travel and the Oxpens development

By Alison Hill

On 20 January the Oxford Mail reported on the new multi-million pound plan for apartments, student accommodation, office space and a hotel at the currently dowdy, unloved, unattractive Oxpens site. OXWED, the joint venture between Nuffield College and Oxford City Council, submitted outline planning application for the site in January, and the consultation closed this week.

No more vans: Wolfson College trials e-bike deliveries

By Sir Tim Hitchens and Katherine Miles

Wolfson College has launched a trial to switch its parcel deliveries from vans to electric bikes. It is partnering with local cargo-bike delivery firm Pedal & Post. Bike deliveries will address the challenge posed by the estimated half a million packages a year received by 20 Oxford colleges alone.

Learning to love our buses again

By Brenda Boardman

We are gradually getting back on to our buses as fears about Covid subside. The government is encouraging us with the £2 single fare on most buses within Oxfordshire. This will last until the end of March, so make the most of it while it is there.