Month: June 2021

In search of the perfect bike

By Jonny Ives

With summer here, Cyclox Trustee Jonny Ives, tunes into the Tour de France and wonders whether in the race for perfection the latest light-weight racing machine might come second to a heavy shopper with a hinge in the middle.

Taking pleasure in small things

By Andy Chivers

People on bikes might appear a little bit smug and self-satisfied when they say how easily they got from A to B, which can be pretty irritating to non-cyclists. Cyclox’s aim to get more people on bikes just annoys those whose job prevents them cycling, or whose ability to ride a bike is compromised. Cyclox always remembers that for some the car is unavoidable, but for those who do have a choice we want to make choosing the bike more attractive and easier.

The worst junction in Oxford

By Danny Yee

Consider the junction where the B4495 (Church Cowley Rd) meets the A4158 (Henley Avenue/Rose Hill). Is this the worst junction in Oxford?

‘It’s not an accident’: reporting on road collisions

By Andy Chivers

In those far off days before COVID struck, when Cyclox used to hold stalls at fairs and festivals (Headington, Jericho, Florence Park) one of the recurring themes was ‘I would cycle but it is too dangerous’. Another was ‘I’m not fit enough to ride a bike’. Neither are true, but perception is powerful.

How the Walton Street barrier got me out of my car and onto my bike

By Kate Seal

When I moved to Oxford a few years ago, I became obsessed about where to park my car. Previously I had lived in a rural area where every journey I made was by car. I was shocked to discover that I had to pay for a parking permit and even more shocked to discover how difficult it was to find a parking space near to my house.