Month: May 2022

Safer streets for active women and girls

By Matt Roebuck

Next weekend, on 11 June, one of the world’s most prestigious cycling events, The Women’s Tour, comes to Oxfordshire. According to its organisers, it brings with it a safety “bubble with…world class riders at the centre”.

Cargo bikes delivering change in Headington

By Jonny Ives

In the past 12 months cargo bikes have become a common sight across Oxford. Jonny Ives went up the hill to Headington to find out what lies beneath the growth of the

Sharing cars can benefit us all

By Emily Kerr

Cars can be convenient. But private car ownership is expensive (c. £4k a year in the UK). Cars cause congestion, take up space on the streets, and threaten the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. Exhaust fumes damage people’s health and are one of the UK’s biggest contributors to the climate crisis . Car sharing offers a potential solution.

Bikes are good for business

By Andy Chivers

We hear a lot about how closing roads to private motor vehicles will be bad for business. But just look around Oxford and it is clear that cargo bikes are now providing an alternative form of carriage.

Cycling is at the heart of Oxford’s future

By Alison Hill

An open letter from the Chair of Cyclox to the new city councillors elected on Thursday 5 May 2022