Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

By Andy Chivers

Winter approaches, and with it the inescapable seasonal songs in praise of white Christmases. Cyclists may feel differently and cold weather is generally a big turn off for many. Paradoxically, commuting by bike when the weather is bad gives you even more benefit because the traffic is more gummed up than usual and those travelling by bike will be even further ahead of the jam.

Woodstock Road Improvements

By Alison Hill

The Woodstock Road in Oxford is a beautiful long road with fine old Victorian houses on the southern end, and shaded by trees lining the roadside and overhanging from gardens and playing fields. But as with all our main roads into the city, it is blighted by long traffic queues morning and evening, creating jams, rat-running through residential streets, pollution and noise.

The Oxford ‘Cycling City’ Signs

By Jake Backus

Every so often someone complains, quotes or holds up the Oxford ‘Cycling City’ signs as if they are a declaration of an achievement, some sort of fake news and an unsubstantiated affirmation. Oxford is clearly not a nirvana for people to cycle, so why make the claim?

20mph is good for everyone

By Alison Hill

Speed kills. The risks of injury and death when a cyclist or pedestrian is hit by a vehicle increases the faster the vehicle is travelling. A pedestrian hit at 40mph has a 31% chance of being of being killed; at 30mph that risk goes down to 7%: and at 20mph the risk is very low. One of the simplest and easiest ways to reduce injury to people who walk and cycle is to reduce the speed limit to 20mph.