Month: October 2020

Top tips for approaching junctions on a bike

By Jack Vaughan

‘Cycle-friendly cities are not exempt from crashes’ warned The Times in an article published in August. In an analysis of the most dangerous commuter routes for cyclists in Britain earlier this year, Oxford (alongside Cambridge) enjoyed the unenviable position of topping the list.

Why cyclists don’t always use the cycle lane

By Hazel Dawe

Car drivers are often annoyed when they see people not using a cycle lane. Yet there are many good reasons why people might choose to cycle on the road rather than in the cycle lane.

The 15-minute City

By Jonny Ives

How far can you walk in fifteen minutes? How far from home could you be if you hopped on a bike and pedalled for a quarter of an hour? If you drew these two 15-minute circles on a map with your home at the centre how much of your day-to-day needs would be within reach?

Pavement parking – why do we tolerate it?

By Alison Hill

If you have been out for a cycle or a walk today in the city, I can bet that you will have passed a vehicle parked on a pavement. As it is such a commonplace occurrence you may not even have noticed, but look again on your next walk and think about what that pavement parking means for someone pushing a buggy, someone on a mobility scooters, someone who is visually impaired, a parent with a small kid on a bike or even two people walking side by side. Ask yourself how do people get past a vehicle obstructing the pavement?