Month: July 2022

An e-bike can take you places

By Nick Thorn

In the four years I have had it, my Cube e-bike has taken most of the burden of transporting me and my belongings around the city (and sometimes to meetings up to 25 miles away). I live on the edge of Oxford, on Hurst Hill, and the added push of the electric motor makes carrying home a couple of panniers of shopping, or a trip to the pub, an absolute breeze.

Championing active travel

By Cllr Dan Levy

Why do we need an active travel champion? What do I do as champion? What are my ambitions are in this role? Although the champion role has no formal powers, I hope I can influence my fellow councillors, the Cabinet, and County Council officers to help people who want to get on their bikes.

Commuting: from car-share to e-bike

By Emily Kerr

Tiffany and Dawn are dinner ladies at a central Oxford primary school. Until this term, they shared a car to travel to work, along with another friend, commuting in to the city from Blackbird Leys. But what they really wanted was to try cycling.

Me and my bike: Jennifer Simmons

By Kathryn McNicoll

How long have you had your bike? Perhaps 5 years? 10? Well, Jennifer has had her bike for 31 years.