Month: February 2022

Oxford’s new Zero Emission Zones

By Alison Hill

Next Monday, several streets in the centre of Oxford will become Zero Emission Zones. These include Bonn Square, Cornmarket Street, Queen Street, St Michael’s Street, Ship Street, New Inn Hall St, and a section of Market Street.

Yet another death of a cyclist

By Alison Hill

On the morning of Tuesday 8th February, a woman in her 40s was killed while cycling on the A4165 near Oxford Parkway Station. Her tragic death is the third within two years.

Road pricing and Oxford’s Zero Emission Zone

By Andy Chivers

Local schemes are primarily designed to reduce air pollution and congestion, not to tackle climate change or replace lost tax, so it is important to know what the aim of a scheme is and be clear about the conflicting pressures and unintended consequences of any initiative. 

Me and my cargo bike

By Kathryn McNicoll

“I’m not a cyclist, I am a busy mother and transport was a problem to be solved.” This is what Liz says about herself, meaning she didn’t grow up on and around bikes as her husband did. However, the birth of her first child and the need, for a while, to cross the city at busy times meant a solution to the traffic problem had to be found.