Month: March 2023

Oxford’s Kidical Mass

By Owen McKnight

Did you see a parade of children cycling joyfully through Oxford at the weekend? Maybe you heard them ringing their bells, chanting and singing?

This was Oxford’s second ‘Kidical Mass’. It’s a family group ride in which adults keep children safe so they can experience cycling on the roads of the city they call home, Oxford.

We want active travel, not new roads

By Chris Church

Earlier in March the government announced a massive £200 million cut to the active travel budget in England. The government has also delayed its roads programme. Many schemes will not be taken forward before 2030, if at all. With all this in mind it is astonishing that Oxfordshire County Council is pushing ahead with plans to spend over £296 million on one new road scheme.

Whose freedom are we talking about?

By Robin Tucker

Let’s talk about freedom. On 18 February, around 2,000 people descended on Oxford to protest for freedom and against traffic filters. What concerns us here is their view of ‘freedom’.

Why we like 15-minute neighbourhoods

By Alison Hill and Brenda Boardman

Over the last few decades, people have made fewer and fewer journeys on foot or by bike. Services and amenities have become dispersed, located in places only accessible by car. But the pandemic has resulted in a rethink of how we will live from now on. As home working has become accepted, people are increasingly aware of the value of staying local and not being dependent on cars or infrequent buses for most of their activities.

Vision Zero for wildlife?

By Natasha Matsaert

Thanks to Cyclox’s campaigning, Oxfordshire County Council has adopted a Vision Zero strategy which aims to eliminate all road deaths and serious injuries. But one category of vulnerable road user is absent from these discussions. Where is the mention of the wildlife that shares our streets?