Month: March 2020

Covid-19 and Cycling

By Alison Hill

Managing the spread of Covid-19 is resulting in more and more restrictions on our lives. Cycling is one activity Cyclox believes that it is essential to maintain over the coming difficult weeks and months.

Cycling around the world in 263 days…

By Becci Curtis

On the 29th June 2019, a huge number of well-wishers congregated outside Beeline Bicycles to see two members of the Cowley Road Condors Cycling Club head off on the adventure of a lifetime.

Cyclists, or people on bikes?

By Roger Symonds

I am not a cyclist. As Mikael Coalville-Anderson, author of Copenhagenize said: “I am just a modern city dweller, who happens to use a bicycle to get around because it is safe and efficient.”

Bicycles and Greenhouse Gases

By Andy Chivers

Last week, two-hundred people turned up on a cold, wet and windy night to hear Prof. Tim Schwannen talk about transport in the future. He pointed out that despite the high level of urban bicycle riding in the Netherlands, as a country they ranked considerably worse than the UK in carbon emissions per capita (UK 10th lowest in EU, NL 24th ).

Healthy Streets: something we can all agree on?

By Oly Ship

In current times, we’d be hard pressed not to find ourselves privy to multiple divisive debates. In this country, the toxic legacy of the Brexit referendum can appear to have left us with a broken society.