Month: May 2023

Oxford Online Cycle Map

A brand new cycle map of Oxford has been launched, showing low-traffic routes in the city. It shows routes that are car-free, protected, and walking-only, as well as road crossings.

Parking your bike at Oxford station

By Andy Chivers

Cycle parking at Oxford station is in a woeful state. The knee-deep piles of leaves from last autumn made the station bike parking area look desperately neglected. Forgotten bikes dangle at crazy angles from their rusty locks. The covered area is hard enough to get in and out of even if you find a space, but the open area is like an assault course that you leave with scratched shins and elbows.

Pothole hazards

By Alison Hill

On 30 April the Oxford Mail reported that there had been 135 personal injury claims submitted to Oxfordshire County Council over the last year. One of the leading causes was potholes.

Cyclox is 20 years old

By Andy Chivers

In September 2003 a small group of cycle campaigners held the first meeting of Cyclox. The group had its origins in Oxford Friends of the Earth. The first campaign was for the 20mph speed limit on residential roads.

Older riders: what they need

By Emily Kerr

In last week’s On My Bike, I shared stories of older Oxford cyclists. This week I’m focusing on two older people who have great ideas about improving access for bikes and mobility scooters.