Month: February 2020

Should wearing cycle helmets be made compulsory?

By Roger Symonds

I have noticed that many people cycling in Oxford do not wear helmets. Is this because people feel safe on Oxford roads? Or is the demographic predominantly young and less worried about crashes?

Oxford’s secret cycle paths revealed

Cycle campaign group harness the power of Google Street View to make two traffic-free routes into the city centre easier to discover.

Movement as medicine: cycling can help close the fitness gap at any age

By Becci Curtis and Sir Muir Gray

Last September, Cyclox and Oxford Brookes University hosted a conference on co-creating a cycling environment for people of all ages. In his opening presentation, Sir Muir Gray, the public health specialist, said ‘the elixir of life has already been discovered and cycling is part of it’. He claims that cycling can lower your risk of dementia and frailty, and decrease the need for social care. Great news! But how? Sir Gray went on to explain…

Bike tourism: a missed opportunity for Oxford

By Roger Symonds

My partner and I are recent Oxford residents and we love the city. We moved from Bath at the beginning of August 2019. One of the main reasons for the move was that Oxford is flat. We were also impressed by the number of people riding bikes and the bike infrastructure.