Month: April 2024

White woman seated on stationary e-bike leans forward to look into camera. On the front of her bike is a black wire basket decorated with artificial flowers and containing a fluffy white cat wearing a harness.

Cycling with pets

By Emily Kerr

I heard from a resident recently who was keen to get back on her bike and wanted to take her elderly dog with her. But when she started looking at the options, she felt overwhelmed by the choices available. Could I help?

Large blue car parked at side of residential street in front of terraced houses. The car's wheels are some way over the white line for the parking bay and into the road

Why weight-based parking charges make sense

By Danny Yee

Outside my front door is a stretch of on-street parking which can, if everyone parks carefully, just fit four small cars. But even one large car reduces its capacity to three.