Month: February 2021

Bike Theft in Oxford

By Kathryn McNicoll

Bike theft may not seem to be a terrible crime and certainly nobody has been hurt or killed because of it. However, for a key worker who cannot afford a car (and where do you park at the hospitals anyway?) and who is trying to get to work without using public transport, a bike is a lifeline.

Oxford welcomes a different kind of JoyRider

By Annette Pattinson

Remember those days when joy riding in stolen cars was constantly in the news in Oxford? Well, a new and so much better form of joy riding is coming to Oxford – JoyRiders Oxford, women enabling other women to cycle.

The true cost of cycling

By Andy Chivers

Bicycle enthusiasts will tell you that cycling costs next to nothing and compared with running a car they are right. But a bike does incur costs which can be prohibitive to some people.

Development planning: it’s not joined-up

By James McNicoll

There is a flood of consultations on developments in and around Oxford right now. Plans are being drawn up for Greater Leys, Blackbird Leys, Mill Lane Old Marston, the Neilsen site by Thornhill, Oxford North, St Frideswide Farm, land to the north of Oxford city up to Parkway Station, and land to the north of Barton Park.