Month: March 2022

Oxford: The first Zero Emission City

By Robin Tucker

Away from the war in Ukraine, climate change disasters continue to escalate, with climate-accelerated storms, wildfires, famine and disease killing 150,000 people a year (WHO). Transport is the largest contributor in the UK, and the UK is committed to decarbonising the transport system by 2050.

Do the Germans do it better?

By Oly Shipp

Last year I lived in the university town of Greifswald in north-east Germany. Reflecting on my experiences there, I wonder: could Oxford solve its transport challenges by learning from the Germans?

What to say to people idling their engines

By Emily Kerr

Engine idling consumes around 1.6% of our total fuel. It’s a significant contributor to air pollution, and it’s illegal in the UK. An RAC survey in 2019 found 26% of people have noticed engines idling outside schools, and 72% of drivers think councils should enforce it better. But many people still do it.   

Enough is Enough! 

By Alison Hill

Any death on our city’s roads is one too many. Every death, every serious injury, every incident in which someone is put at risk, or frightened, is the result of decisions made in the design of our roads and priorities within our transport infrastructure. The deaths of Ling, Ellen, Jenny, and Sam were outcomes, not accidents.

Me and My Bike: Aileen

By Kathryn McNicoll

Aileen describes herself as a nervous cyclist who, up until quite recently, had not cycled since she was a child: why then does she choose to cycle from the Pear Tree Park and Ride to her job as the Senior Facilities Manager at the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter? Fitness is her main motivation… Another strong reason was avoiding the wait in the freezing cold for a bus.