Month: April 2023

Older riders: why they love cycling

By Emily Kerr

In the UK, just 1% of journeys by adults age 65+ are by bicycle. But in Holland, it’s a quarter. Many older people love cycling: for health, convenience and enjoyment – and we know that in Oxford, around a quarter of Cyclox members are over 65.

Celebrating three award-winning women in cycling

By Alison Hill and Kathryn McNicoll

Three Oxfordshire women were nominated for Cycling UK’s 100 Women in Cycling 2022 and here we celebrate their achievements. 

Faringdon’s Farcycles get local people cycling

By Mark Harrison

How can local communities encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to choose bicycles for everyday travel? Faringdon in Oxfordshire has a shining example of this in the Farcycles Bike Park and Shop. One person led the change from a bike ‘club’ to a community facility with a wide appeal: Lyn Williamson.

Bikes and the Botley Road closure

By Lois Muddiman

After months of anticipation, the first 6-month closure of the Botley Road at Oxford railway station will begin on Tuesday 11 April. This is when work starts to divert 11 different utility services under the bridge. Replacement of the bridge will take place during a 6-month closure in 2024.