Month: August 2020

Be nice, say hi! What to do near horses

By John Magrath

Now that so many more of us are getting out and about on our bikes, it feels like a very good time to revive some excellent advice from Cycling UK about what to do when we encounter horse riders.

The best and worst Oxfordshire summertime cycle paths

By Andy Chivers

Many of us are enjoying rides into the countryside and one of the pleasures is seeing other people on their bikes, especially family groups. For those in the city, getting out to the countryside presents some interesting choices, and sometimes the routes need a haircut even more than the rest of us.

200th bike for keyworkers is handed out

By Kathryn McNicoll

As we approach the 200th bike to be handed out to keyworkers across Oxford it is perhaps a good time to reflect on the extraordinary success of this project.

Active travel campaigners fear Oxford will miss out on £2.4m COVID-19 emergency fund

Oxfordshire County Council’s failure to consult local stakeholder groups has put ‘free money’ to make cycling and walking safer in jeopardy.

Why we support bus gates

By Alison Hill

Last summer (how long ago that now seems) our two councils published “Connecting Oxford”, proposing radical changes to the city transport. It included bus gates, better bus services connecting centres of employment in the east of the city, and a workplace parking levy to support these changes.