Night view of Oxford High Street with car and bikes using lights

Time to find your lights

By Jonny Ives

For the huge number of Oxford residents and visitors who regularly ride a bike, the first hint of a chill in the air and shorter evenings mean we need to make sure that we have some lights and that they are working properly.

Large diverse group of cyclists, adults and children, riding down Holywell Street, Oxford

Kidical Mass calls for safe streets for kids

By Alison Hill

On Sunday 24 September you may have encountered a colourful group of kids accompanied by their grownups cycling around the city centre ringing their bells and waving. This cheerful sight was Oxford’s fourth Kidical Mass, and the third this year. Kidical Mass is a marshalled family-friendly ride to give children the opportunity to cycle on the roads of their home city, streets that would normally not be considered safe for them.

Group of adults and children holding placards standing at entrance to side road blocked by a temporary barrier

School Streets: the key to a cycling city

By Brad Baines

This Cycle To School Week (25 to 29 September) it’s time for bolder action to make it safe for kids cycling to school across Oxfordshire. That means more School Streets. By supporting more children (and parents) to change how they get to and from school, we can shift the transport patterns of an entire generation.

Map showing the route of Marston Meadow cycle track

All the best bike paths lead to Marston

By Andy Chivers

If you like riding a bike then the best place to live in Oxford is Marston. Three of the finest cycle paths in the city take you to Marston and all three have Marston in their names

Cycle-path diversion through University Parks

By Alison Hill

The Marston cycle-path bridges across the River Cherwell were built more than 30 years ago. Both are in urgent need of repair, and are now being worked on. The County Council has negotiated with the university and the University Parks management to allow people on bikes to cross the river at the Rainbow Bridge

Cycle hangars arrive in Oxford

By Alison Hill  

On 17 August three bike hangars arrived in Jericho: one in Cranham Street, one in Nelson Street and one in Great Clarendon Street. This followed a consultation lasting a month. They are the first hangars to be installed in Oxford. 

The magic of a bicycle mirror

By Andy Chivers

Cycling in traffic requires confidence, careful steering and full awareness of vehicles around you. The backward look is a skill not all cyclists have, which is why a mirror is such a good idea.

20 mph: popular and life-saving

By Alison Hill

Following the narrow Conservative victory in the Uxbridge by-election, attributed to the public’s concern about ULEZ, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has said he is considering banning councils from imposing 20 mph. This would be a way of demonstrating that he is on the side of motorists.

Community getting more people to ‘RIDE!’

By Imade Edosomwan and Annette Pattinson

Hassan Sabrie is one of the directors of Oxford Community Action (OCA), a community organisation based in Blackbird Leys. He’s a recent convert to the joys of cycling – an enthusiasm he’s working hard to share with the rest of his local community.

Back on my bike

By Jane Buekett

In the early spring I had an unfortunate encounter with the stone tiles of my kitchen floor and found myself with a broken arm. ‘No driving for at least 6 weeks, no cycling for 12’, the minor injuries medic said, as he wrapped my arm in warm wet plaster and cheerfully pointed out the ‘many challenges’ I would now face.