Local traffic neighbourhood with planter and bollard closing off residential street to cars

Show your support for the Central Oxfordshire Travel Plan

By Alison Hill

On 29 November the Oxfordshire County Council Cabinet is meeting to make decisions on two radical traffic proposals: the Central Oxfordshire Travel Plan and, as a core component of that plan, the traffic filters that aim to reduce the number of car journeys across the city. These plans have caused a lot of contention and the council chamber will no doubt be full to bursting with people wanting to put their views across. The plan, if implemented, will result in a huge shakeup in the way all of us will travel into, within and around Oxford.

20 mph sign painted n road

Save lives in Oxford with 20 mph

By Alison Hill

20 mph saves lives. The likelihood of severe or fatal injury to a pedestrian struck by a driver is 17% at 20 mph, 30% at 25 mph and 47% at 30 mph. There are 7–10 times fewer fatalities if a collision occurs at 20 mph compared to 30 mph. Inevitably, people make errors of judgement on roads, but those errors are less serious at slower speeds.

Pedal and post bike next to delivery van

Oxford’s 70-year battle with traffic jams

By Robin Tucker

Just before the Covid pandemic, cycles brought 20% of peak-hour travellers into Oxford city centre. This was the same number as cars, but taking less road space. Buses were the only transport mode moving more people than these two. As traffic returns to its pre-Covid levels, it’s worth an exploration of how Oxford’s transport history differs from that of other cities.

Alison Hill riding Brompton bike along residential street

I love my Brompton bicycle

By Alison Hill

I own a Brompton bike. It is a remarkable piece of engineering. Perfecting the design took years of tireless dedication. Not only is it the most compact of fold-up bikes but it also has good gearing. This makes it easy to ride, which is why it deserves its iconic status amongst cycle riders, and why you see them all over Oxford.