The Red Zone Zero Emission Zone

By Andy Chivers

There’s a consultation out on the Red Zone Zero Emission Zone in Oxford city centre. This is the start of a substantial programme to tackle city centre air pollution over the next few years, which with the Connecting Oxford plan will make a dramatic improvement to Oxford’s air quality.

We want traffic bulletins for cyclists

By Richard MacKenzie

In an attempt to work towards normalising cycling here in Oxford, last month I launched a petition to back a simple idea. I wanted to ask one of our local radio stations, BBC Radio Oxford, to include average cycling times across the city and county when they were doing their traffic briefings throughout the day.

Changing travel habits

By Andy Chivers

I met up with a friend who lives in south Devon. He drives 8 miles each way to work and is leaving earlier and earlier because of traffic congestion and difficulty finding a parking place. To a pedal head like me the answer seemed obvious, but when we talked about e-bikes he said, ‘Isn’t that cheating?’

Cyclox’s Christmas list

By Alison Hill

If you are a reader of this blog, presumably bike stuff was on your Christmas list. Like the Christmas turkeys your bike needs some extra trimmings, and you will have made your request to Santa for those essential accessories that every bike needs.

Like riding a bike

By Andy Chivers

Like all skills there is a pleasure and pride in its expert execution. Urban bike riding is a skill which combines several elements, but the balancing, propelling and stopping the bike is fundamental.

Safely on your bike

By Alison Hill

This week is Road Safety Week. It is a week when we are reminded of the tragic loss of life in road traffic collisions.

The road injury statistics from the Department for Transport show that of the 1,700 people killed on British roads in 2018, 25% are pedestrians, and 6% are cycle riders.