The potential of e-bikes

By Kevin Hickman, Director, Windrush Bike Project

We were surprised to discover that e-bikes have more potential to cut carbon in rural and suburban areas than in towns and cities. Research by the Institute for Transport Studies at the University of Leeds found that because public transport is less likely to be an option in rural areas, people can have a transport carbon footprint several times higher than when living in a city.

Celebration of Cycling 2021

By Alison Hill

To mark this renaissance in cycling and to help get more people onto their bikes, we are hosting a Celebration of Cycling in Oxford and market towns across the county in September. There will be cycling events throughout the month culminating with the first stage of the Women’s Tour of Britain, which goes through Oxfordshire on 4th October.

Holidays and bicycles

By Andy Chivers

It’s holiday time, and though our travel options are more restricted than we might like, many of us are choosing British destinations for a holiday. A bicycle is a perfect companion in this situation, especially for families with children where the combination of off-road trails and novel scenery with the independence and excitement of riding a bike is hard to beat.