Visualisation of Oxford's Barton Park showing a cyclist in the bus lane moving towards crossing a the bypass to reach the housing development.

Development planning: it’s not joined-up

By James McNicoll

There is a flood of consultations on developments in and around Oxford right now. Plans are being drawn up for Greater Leys, Blackbird Leys, Mill Lane Old Marston, the Neilsen site by Thornhill, Oxford North, St Frideswide Farm, land to the north of Oxford city up to Parkway Station, and land to the north of Barton Park.

A disused gravel track going under a bridge, green grass growing either side.

The case for long-distance greenways

By Brian Robertson

“We have nothing like this in Oxford”. A young PhD student from Oxford was admiring the excellent cycle track facilities at York University where we had just completed a day of racing. But what if – instead of going around in circles – cycle tracks were built that connected our towns and cities?

A Happy Cycling New Year

By Alison Hill

There is much that we won’t want to remember about 2020. But for Cyclox, wanting to see so many more people of all ages and backgrounds choose to cycle, there were some reasons to celebrate in these otherwise bleak times.

A Google Map showing the recommended way to drive to Kennington from Cheney School in Headington is via Divinity Road.

High Traffic Neighbourhoods

By Richard Fairhurst

A High Traffic Neighbourhood is one where drivers are directed off the A and B roads, and down small residential roads instead, to save a few seconds off their journey. They exist all over Oxford and the county. In fact, you might even live in one.