Taking pleasure in small things

By Andy Chivers

People on bikes might appear a little bit smug and self-satisfied when they say how easily they got from A to B, which can be pretty irritating to non-cyclists. Cyclox’s aim to get more people on bikes just annoys those whose job prevents them cycling, or whose ability to ride a bike is compromised. Cyclox always remembers that for some the car is unavoidable, but for those who do have a choice we want to make choosing the bike more attractive and easier.

Visualisation of Iffley Road with segregated cycle lanes designed by Andy Coram

An open letter to councillors in Oxfordshire County Council

By Alison Hill, Chair of Cyclox, Brenda Boardman and Simon Pratt Co-Chairs of CoHSAT

Dear County Councillor,
Congratulations on your election to Oxfordshire County Council. The Coalition of Healthy Streets and Active Travel (CoHSAT) is a group of voluntary and campaigning organisations working across Oxfordshire to create attractive, accessible and people-friendly streets. We want to see a future where everyone is able to walk and cycle for everyday trips on quiet streets and in liveable neighbourhoods, and where no-one has to own a car because there is always an alternative form of transport.

Walton Street’s Barrier

By Alison Hill

At Oxfordshire County Council’s Transport Decisions meeting on the 29th April, Councillor Yvonne Constance ruled that the barriers at the south end of Walton should be removed when the traffic regulation order times out on the 18th May, and that there should be no alternative scheme in place to restrict traffic along Walton Street and Kingston Road. After 18 months of promises of a better Jericho, her recommendation was to do nothing.