Oxford Online Cycle Map

A brand new cycle map of Oxford has been launched, showing low-traffic routes in the city. The map came out of conversations with school children and older cyclists. It shows routes that are car-free, protected or low-traffic, and walking-only, as well as road crossings. You can use it to work out safe-cycling routes to key places in the city, such as schools.

This interactive map was developed by local cycling enthusiasts including Tom Green, Emily Kerr, Hannah Kirby and Danny Yee. To suggest additions or changes please contact Cyclox: contact@cyclox.org

Open the map direct in Google (best for use on your phone) or navigate below.

Pale purple = car-free routes. These are often shared with pedestrians. Do not cycle fast on these routes.
Dark purple = low-traffic cycle routes
Magenta = routes separate from motor traffic but often running close to it

Online walking map

A sister map, the Oxford Online Walking Map, was launched in summer 2023. It shows on and off-road walking routes through the city, green spaces, plus the locations of benches and of playgrounds. The aim is to add places of local and historical interest to the map over time.

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