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Group of adults and children holding placards standing at entrance to side road blocked by a temporary barrier

School Streets: the key to a cycling city

By Brad Baines

This Cycle To School Week (25 to 29 September) it’s time for bolder action to make it safe for kids cycling to school across Oxfordshire. That means more School Streets. By supporting more children (and parents) to change how they get to and from school, we can shift the transport patterns of an entire generation.

Cycling to school

By Zuhura Plummer

As we start a new school term, it’s a brilliant time to get the kids biking to school. ‘I save about two hours in a day,’ an Oxford mum tells me, when I ask how she feels about the change in the way her kids get to school.

School Streets transform the school run

By Jamie Clarke

As the school year begins, the school-run traffic chaos will be missing from five Oxfordshire schools and nurseries. These schools have pioneered School Streets schemes for the county. Their pupils will avoid the usual traffic dangers, pollution and congestion. Instead they will be walking, cycling and scooting to and from their schools each day.

Oxfordshire’s School Streets pilots

By Jonny Ives

This week two primary schools in Oxford launched the county council’s School Streets pilot project, taking a big step towards the goal of safe and active travel options for all school students.